Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

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The spiritual practice section has links or examples that practitioners may find helpful. This is not an exhaustive list, and growing as a community resource.

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* new Spiritual Practices

  • Dadirri deep listening practice – Dr Mirriam Rose Foundation 3 min video overview and pdf download The word, concept and spiritual practice that is dadirri (da-did-ee) is from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia).
  • The late Uncle Jack Charles guided meditation MP3 audio file 10.34 min This is a relaxing, 10 minute audio mediation voiced by Uncle Jack Charles for NAIDOC week 2020. (Please note: This video features the voice of a person who has passed away).
  • Wayapa Wuurrk Meditation 40mins facilitated by Alana Marsh is a Meriam woman, with Irish and PNG heritage, a series of multifaith sessions from The University of Melbourne Centre for Contemplative Practices