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Spiritual care is everyone’s business!

Spirituality is intrinsic to being human. For many people, the idea of spirituality immediately makes them think of religion. But spirituality is a bigger concept than religion.

You can think of it as an ‘umbrella’ term and that religion is just one of the ideas that sits underneath it.

Indeed, at Meaningful Ageing Australia, we believe that spirituality can be best explained by thinking about five domains of connectedness:

  1. Connection with self
  2. Connection with others
  3. Connection with creativity
  4. Connection with nature
  5. Connection with something bigger – which might include religion and faith (but doesn’t have to).

When you approach spirituality from this perspective, it becomes easier to identify where we feel the most like ourselves; how we fill our cup; how we rest and recover; where we most belong.

We might have connections in all five domains – some strong connections, others at risk of disconnection – or perhaps just two domains, or mainly only one.

But this information, when we have it about ourselves, or someone we care for, can help to guide spiritual care.

Spiritual care is the kind of care and activity that supports an individual’s spirituality.

Spiritual care is often associated with support during times of crisis, ill health, loss and grief, and palliative care – and it has much to offer in these areas. However, it is equally important in bringing meaning, purpose, hope and wholeness to assist a person to flourish, grow, and fully be who they are in their final journey of ageing.

In this way, spiritual care reinforces the concept that spirituality is part of everyday living! Now you know why spiritual care is indeed everyone’s business, here are some ways to learn more and stay engaged with our work:



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Map of Meaning: a self reflection guide

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