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Who’s holding the rope?

Sometimes working in aged care might feel like you are a rock climber heading over the edge of a big cliff. You have prepared for this moment, but faced with such a huge challenge, you might finding yourself questioning why and how you got here in the first place. What’s on the other side? Will I be ok? Will I make it to the bottom?

These big risks can be life-transforming as we stretch further out to our capability and overcome our fears. One of my favourite podcasts, The Moth, invites people to tell their stories all around the world. One of the criterion for acceptance in the program is that the stakes must be high. If the stakes are high, the meaning is also increased…Read our September 2018 news by clicking here

Also in this edition:

  • Bruce Rumbold on the role of spiritual care in structural change
  • The Little Things project announced
  • Award winners announced
  • Frailty project announced
  • E-modules launch coming
  • New Regional Workshops announced

and more!

Read our September 2018 news here