See me. Know me.

The See me. Know me. campaign is designed to help seniors feel more valued, and ultimately to empower them to find aged care services that will truly tune in to them as a whole person.

Inspired by the strong positive reaction to our See me. Know me. poster series, we have published conversation starters for seniors to use with your families and friends, to share a bit about your story, your values and interests. Our members can develop their own posters using our template. This can be accessed in the resources portal from July.

We have also published some thought-starters about ‘purpose’ and ten questions you can ask aged care providers if you know someone who is looking for aged care.

This is all part of our work to ensure aged care understands and responds to each person in a highly relational way, incorporating their spirituality in the broadest sense – meeting the human needs for meaning, purpose and connectedness with self, others, creativity, nature and something bigger (for some people this may be through religion). 

In April this year we were advised that the Commonwealth Department of Health would be funding us to expand the campaign’s activities. This has meant we are planning a new series of opportunities to engage with the campaign, and more free resources for seniors in the community.



Come to our special event using Playback Theatre in Brisbane 22 August 2019

As we age, some people only see lines and grey hair rather than the stories, feelings, beliefs and experiences that make us who we are. Join Meaningful Ageing Australia with Red Thread Stories in a unique exploration of ageing using a technique called Playback Theatre. In a  Playback performance, the audience’s stories and experiences are the content of the show. Through dialogue with a skilled playback facilitator, individuals share perspectives, ideas, moments and events from their lives and they are ‘played back’ by the actors and musician, whilst the rest of the audience watches and listens. This powerful improvised theatre show is part of Meaningful Ageing Australia’s national See me. Know me. campaign. The event also includes learning more about the campaign, and opportunities for you to share your perspectives on ageing in a range of ways.

We have more events coming up – read more here.