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Amy Heath’s PhD project continues…

A question asked by many researchers in the area of spirituality is ‘how do we describe it so we can help people recognise it?’

This is a huge part of my literature review because it will help the participants I gather data from to know where we are beginning from and where their input created new value in the sector. It also is a focus for Meaningful Ageing Australia’s methodology so that the services they provide to members build upon what is already happening, and consolidates the experiences occurring in aged care settings.

One particular article that has assisted in the development of the answer to this question for me is that undertaken by Jackson, Doyle, Capon and Pringle in 2016. This research recognised that spirituality was defined in varying ways throughout disciplines which engage in spiritual care, and sought to clarify the definition to ensure it has the greatest relevance to aged care. There was some consensus in the findings and a definition was decided upon (noting the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care include three), however it seems to me that this need for definition comes in second place to another aspect of spiritual care.

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