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Since applying this tool, our school’s visitation program has much more structure and the students are much more confident in approaching conversations with our residents.

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Excellent resource which has been shared with Lifestyle Manager who has engaged the schools near our aged care homes to encourage collaboration between the schools and the homes.

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Intergenerational Reminiscence: A leader’s guide for aged care organisations and secondary schools

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Developed by Carrington and Meaningful Ageing Australia

“I’ve wanted to do this project since Year 7. Every year at assemblies you hear about the great relationships at Carrington” (Lucy, 17 years)

“I am no longer concerned about the future – it will be left in very capable hands” (Mavis, 84 years)

“The three young folk became very special to my mum because they were interested in her, for herself. She taught them how to crochet and they really entered into her present situation and life. She felt valued because they asked about her former life and what was special to her” (Family member)



The 27 page, beautifully printed Leader’s Guide includes:

  • key points to consider when introducing an intergenerational reminiscence program
  • step-by-step guide to success
  • extensive appendices with examples of forms and letters for you to adapt


The Intergenerational Reminiscence guide is useful for:

  • Lifestyle and diversional therapy staff
  • Occupational therapy staff
  • Pastoral/spiritual care staff
  • Other team members involved in creating meaningful connections for residents.


As well as a clear process, this high quality handbook has an appendix full of documents that can be simply adapted by the local organisation.

This accessible how-to guide makes it easy for aged care organisations to create meaningful connections between students and aged care residents. Students are supported to develop a relationship with each older person, and each older person has an opportunity to take on the role of elder in the life of the students. Each Intergenerational Reminiscence Project culminates in a celebration of the life of the older person with their loved ones, and the presentation of a momento that the students have made.

This award-winning program has been refined over more than five years at Carrington in Sydney. As well as a clear process, it has an appendix full of documents that can be simply adapted by the local organisation.

The ‘Intergenerational Reminiscence – A leader’s guide for aged care organisations and secondary schools’ resource is the second publication arising from a Meaningful Ageing Award.

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