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Resources for Global Intergenerational Week 2024

Global Intergenerational Week is in its 4th year with over 16 countries participating last year. Meaningful Ageing Australia supports #GIW24 as an official partner and encourages all our members to engage with the benefits of programs that encourage connections across ages and encourage learning about one another through diversity and inclusion.

‘There are people and organisations across the world forging intergenerational relationships through a range of fantastic, creative projects. From schools and colleges, care homes to nurseries, sports groups to housing providers, local authorities to national governments, we’re all working hard on connecting people of all ages together in mutually beneficial ways. We don’t, however, always share our impact with the wider world. That’s where Global Intergenerational Week comes in. Global Intergenerational Week shines a light on projects across the world, highlighting their intrinsic value and providing
them with the recognition that they deserve.

It’s vital, that at a time of drastic demographic change, we are proactive in our approach to connecting generations; to combat social problems such as ageism and social isolation, to improve educational outcomes in all ages, and to build sustainable and cohesive communities, where people of all ages can
flourish. Intergenerational practice is an evidence-informed solution to these social problems and it is therefore important that its value is recognised and adopted by key decision makers across the world. This is reinforced by the World Health Organisation and its member states, whose evidence base finds that intergenerational activity is crucial in combatting ageism (WHO, 2023)’

Source: Global Intergenerational Week website Intergenerational Week (

Resource pack from GIW

Download the full Intergenerational Week resources kit from Global Intergenerational Week for your use here.


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