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Report on 2024 Roundtables: Funding of Spiritual Care in Aged Care

How many minutes adds up to a life well-lived? Or, more importantly, what needs to happen in those minutes for life to feel rich, meaningful or satisfying?  How can we ensure all domains of a person’s life is considered within a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model?  And if spiritual care is being considered, how does spiritual care currently take place? Can providers navigate sustainable provisions for spiritual care across In Home Care, Residential Care, Dementia Care, Palliative Care or for First Nations models of care?

What we know is that spiritual care is primarily by design – essential ‘person-centred’ care, as underpinned by recommendations of the Royal Commission. Importantly, Spiritual Care Practitioners also support fellow employees emotional wellbeing – this also became evident during the pandemic.

Part of our mandate is to seek support for funding of spiritual care and emotional wellbeing. With this in mind, we held a series of Roundtables on Funding for Spiritual Care, sought advice from the Dept and other Advisors as detailed in the report.

The discussions took place with stakeholders representing 20 different organisations from around the country; with discussions and information presented about how it is currently funded (or lacked funding) in In Home Care & Residential care.  The lack of specific funding of spiritual care was compared unfavourably with the situation in area such as palliative care, schools, prisons and the defence forces where funding chaplaincy is seen as acceptable. 

There was support for gathering more information about the scale of spiritual care being provided in the existing home care and residential care systems. A series of recommendations are contained in the report.

In addition, a further whitepaper discussion paper to cover major challenges and opportunities is currently being prepared to assist with further advocacy and I’m pleased to announce funding has been secured to design, undertake and report back on a national benchmarking survey.  

My thanks to the leaders who attended the Roundtable series: and appreciation to my co-facilitators, from Anchor Excellence; and Paul Sadler Consulting.   Thank you to Paul Sadler for preparing this report.

You can download the full report by clicking on this link:

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