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Published Feb 2020

It Ain’t all Peaches

I am all for the opportunities of ageing. I am, however, worried about the propagation of the idea that we ‘should’ or ‘can all’ age in some kind of perfect, middle-class, well-groomed way, with our diet and routines so carefully managed that we are ‘sure’ to be happy and healthy, running marathons and participating in art classes until we die peacefully in our sleep. Or perhaps we don’t die in this fantasy, we just quietly ‘cease’ apart from our Facebook page. Regular readers will know that I am committed to the normalisation of ageing, which includes accepting that it will come with many challenges. This is the opportunity that comes with the development of our spiritual selves. I say development because our spirituality does not grow with age. It grows with practice. Our spiritual selves may well be challenged by the physical changes that will one day make an appearance, however, as our bodies inevitably decline (yes, inevitably, despite all we can do to improve on our trajectory) and slow down, our spiritual self can become ever stronger and more a place to ‘be’.

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