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Self-Care Guided Reflections

Bringing Compassion to Yourself

This MP3 has been developed as a simple exercise that anyone can use for their own self-care. This is a simple yet profound exercise if practiced regularly will bring many benefits to you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Once learnt this exercise can be adapted in length to suit your needs.

Additional benefits of this exercise:

• Help you deal with stress

• Renew your energies

• Teach you to listen to your own bodies wisdom

• Develop your awareness over time

• Care for your whole person – body, mind, emotion, spirit.

• Stay centred and learning to let go when things do not turn out the way we want them to

A simple relaxation awareness exercise for your self–care

1. Introduction to self-care

2. A short relaxation awareness exercise – 10 mins

3. Extended relaxation awareness exercise – 15 mins


Philip Carrier Manager Pastoral Care

Catholic Homes Western Australia


Philip Carrier with inspiration from the late Anthony De Mello SJ

Technical Support

Fred Wehr and Martin Gregory