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What is the Value of Spiritual Care?


Over 100 references from around the world demonstrating the benefit of dedicated spiritual care initiatives.

This resource captures the main themes that appear in literature related to spirituality, spiritual care and its outcomes in the context of community and residential aged care, and beyond. Specifically, we have found the following seven themes:

  1. Reduced depression, increased cognition, reduced anxiety, reduced loneliness
  2. Increased wellbeing and resilience
  3. Positive effects for those who are living with dementia
  4. Increased health / reduced risk factors
  5. Better meeting of needs for the care recipient – quality of life, meaning and purpose, dignity, connectedness
  6. Improved family/client/resident satisfaction
  7. Important for palliative care and preparation for end of life.

This literature summary is not comprehensive, by nature, and will continue to be updated.

This members-only resource is ideal for service planning, and to use in business cases to garner more support for dedicated initiatives enabling meaning, purpose and connectedness in the lives of older people.

Keywords: evidence, spiritual care, ageing

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