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The Golden Rule is a term to describe a universal principal that threads through many of the beliefs and cultures.

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*‘The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one would want to be treated by them. It is sometimes called an ethics of reciprocity, meaning that you should reciprocate to others how you would like them to treat you (not necessarily how they actually treat you)’.

Various expressions of this rule can be found in the tenets of most beliefs and cultures.   This poster covers major faiths including: Baha’i / Buddhism / Christianity / Confucianism / First Nations / Hinduism / Islam / Jainism / Judaism / Shintoism / Sikhism / Taoism / Unitarianism / Zoroastrianism 

*Reference: Antony Flew, ed. (1979). ‘golden rule’. A Dictionary of Philosophy. London: Pan Books in association with The MacMillan Press. p. 134. ISBN 978-0-330-48730-6.

  • This resource has been adapted from a number of sources including:
    The Ontario Centre for Learning and Innovation in Long-Term care:
  • Australian version of the Golden Rule in turn based on the work of the Columban Mission Institute’s Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations:

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