Members Only

Supporting each other when a resident/client dies


  • This resource is available for Meaningful Ageing Australia member organisations only
  • The Spiritual Care Considerations Series is a set of short (two pages) guiding thoughts and questions to keep in mind as you care for older people from a range of backgrounds
  • To support culturally appropriate and sensitive care, the Considerations provide ideas to explore with the older person in your care, and/or their loved ones
  • Designed as a helpful prompt for staff and volunteers working at any level in the organisation
  • Developed in consultation with experts and experienced practitioners
  • New topics are added throughout the year
  • They can be used as a talking point in staff meetings and/or as a reference point when assessing or reviewing the needs of a new resident or client in your service
  • You can save, print and/or send copies of these documents to anyone within your organisation

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