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Spirituality Image


A simple downloadable image showing the interwoven nature of spirituality with the physical, emotional, intellectual, social aspects of being.

You are free to download, edit, use and share these images as needed. Meaningful Ageing Australia offers a support and education service to members who would like assistance with implementation. Contact our office for more information.


Spirituality, as connected to meaning, purpose and connectedness, is deeply interwoven with all of who we are. It permeates and is integrated with the physical, emotional, intellectual and social aspects of being and experience, and has expression in each of these domains.

We developed an image that shows the interwoven nature of personal spirituality. The image shows that spirituality is at the core of who we are, and also holds us. It is both inside and out. The aspects of self are all connected, and so the image blurs the lines between physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual. Spirituality, as white dots, extends out through all the layers.

We have included the word ‘spiritual’ on the outer edge as well as the middle to illustrate that our spirituality is not only absolutely central to who we are but that it is highly relational. Our spirituality is impacted by our context as well as impacting others around us. It may lead us to take certain actions, or restrain from certain actions; and is influenced by the actions of others. We do not exist in a vacuum and neither does our spirituality.

This image can be utilised in staff training sessions exploring spirituality and spiritual care.

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