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Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program


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Originally trialled in multiple locations by Spiritual Health Victoria with outstanding feedback from all participants, this new edition has been updated and refreshed into a program that can be run in small parts or as a whole.

It features clear links in the Manual with the PowerPoints to make facilitation easier, and has optional extras such as links to films.

Member organisations can order hard copy versions of the comprehensive Program at no cost (with a limit of one copy per location. Additional copies are charged at a special member’s rate. Please contact us for further information).

Orders outside Australia will attract a postage charge.

(Dimensions: 297x210mm (A4), 116 pages)

The Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program will help to enhance the integration of spiritual care in the aged care organisation by embedding strategies for spiritual care into the everyday practice of staff, and by mentoring a person-centred care model that encourages all staff to take responsibility for their part in attending to the spiritual needs of each resident and client.

The new Single Aged Care Quality Standards expect organisations to understand and respond to the spiritual needs of older people.  Building on the initial program developed and trialled by Spiritual Health Victoria, this updated Leader’s Manual provides a way for organisations to gently engage their staff in understanding contemporary spirituality and spiritual care.

The comprehensive program manual includes introductory materials, sessions plans with links to PowerPoint presentations, handouts for each module, evaluation materials and additional information.

The downloads will be made available to you automatically when you complete your order. You can also access them directly in the downloads section of this resources portal here.


Part 1: Introductory Information

1. What do we mean by ‘spirituality’?

2. Background

3. Alignment with Australian Aged Care Quality Standards

4. Spiritual Care Training Programs

5. Facilitating the Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program

6. About Spiritual Care Mentors

Facilitator Checklists

Overview of Structure and Timing

Overview of the Modules

Module 1 – Qualities and Values

Module 2 – Presence and Listening Skills

Module 3 – Understanding Spirituality and Religion

Module 4 – Learning about the Relational Spirituality Model

Module 5 – Working with the Relational Spirituality Model

Module 6 – Spiritual Care for the Person Living with Dementia

Module 7 – Role of Spiritual Care Mentors

Module 8 – Spiritual Care as Intentional, Empathic, Responsive Listening and an introduction to ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool

Module 9 – Listening to Stories

Part 2: Session Plans

Part 3: Participant Handouts & Scenarios

Summary of Program Learning Outcomes

List of Values

The Practice of Mindfulness

Spirituality and Religion

Scenario: Francesca and Bill

Relational Spirituality

Spiritual Needs of Physically Unwell Elders

Responses, Resources and Referrals

Model for the Offer of Spiritual Care in Aged Care

Key Terms And Concepts

Person-centred Care and Dementia

Positive Person Work (PPW) Flinders University

Principles of Care that Inform the Person-centred Approach

Unexpected Possibilities in Care

Role of the Spiritual Care Mentor

The Process of Consultation

Domains of Spiritual Care

The World Health Organisation and Spiritual Care

Spiritual Screening and Assessment

The Eriksons’ Psychosocial Stages

Importance of Stories

Model of Spiritual Tasks of Ageing

Spiritual Ritual


Scenarios for Use in Discussion

Part 4: Evaluation Forms


A Note on Adult Learning

Meaningful Ageing Australia Resources

Strategies for Spiritual Care in Aged Care Settings


The Manual is available free to our members, and available for purchase by non-members.

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