Meet Akira: a PCW just like you


Meet Akira is an interactive story that invites you to learn about spiritual care by following the daily journey of Akira, a Personal Care Worker, working with older people.

You will recognise the scenarios but when you share Akira’s experiences and conversations – and her reflections afterwards – you, like Akira, will discover that:

  • Spiritual care is not the same as religious care or rituals. (Everyone benefits from emotional wellbeing and a sense of connection with themselves … and that’s spiritual care.) 
  • Your work already includes acts of spiritual care. (You might just not have ever thought to call it that!)
  • Spiritual care can enrich your own sense of professional value. (When the older people in your care have a good day then you will too and you can feel good about that!)
  • You can turn a bad day around by following Akira’s journey. (Knowing how to ‘reset’ is such an important part of helping you stay present and optimistic.)

Meet Akira has been developed to be an effective resource for all PCWs in all aged care settings — including those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Watch the video below for an insight about the value of Meet Akira.

Meet Akira is free for members – if you are a member, please email us ( for your access.

Meet Akira is a special digital resource that will help PCWs and teams in all aged care settings to create better days for themselves and the older people they care for.

Meet Akira will give you the wisdom and perspective to create positive engagement with the older people as well as help you to turn around what might feel like a difficult day becoming worse.

Use Meet Akira to prepare for work, to help you after a difficult conversation or interaction or just when you need to re-set and regain your optimism and courage to keep going.

Your work isn’t easy but it is important and we thank you for all that you do. Our older people deserve the care and comfort that you provide every day and every night.

Thanks to Prime Super for being a founding sponsor of this innovative work.

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