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Key Message Poster: Spirituality can be believing in Something Bigger

Many people in aged care are not aware of how broad and far-reaching spirituality is in our lives.

We have developed a series of five posters to help staff think about some of the key elements of each person’s spirituality.

The new Aged Care Quality Standards expects the workforce to be supported to understand each person, including their spiritual needs. Use these posters in concert with our other materials to inspire, promote and enable holistic care in your organisation.

One of a series of five key message posters.

Believing in “Something Bigger” is often part of a person’s spirituality. For some people this is expressed through a religious tradition, or described as faith. For others, it may be a general sense that they are part of a bigger story or that there is something more to life. Some people might identify this as the sacred, the universe, the transcendent or the great spirit. For people from non-Western cultures, it often makes no sense to separate spirituality from religion. We need to be sensitive and open to a wide range of perspectives.

Listen to older people talking about their understanding of this Something Bigger in our ConnecTo video.

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