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Please note these e-modules should be offered in complement to face-to-face training components.

Please also note the files may take some time to download.

“This has really opened things up for me. We tend to focus on the day to day issues to ensure a high level of care to our clients when it is just so much more! I will definitely be listening with an open heart and new eyes. Anyone working in the aged care industry – regardless of what position – would benefit from this I am sure” (Trial participant)

“May I congratulate you on this Learning Package. It is clear, helpful and the definitions of Spirituality, Religion and finding meaning are really helpful. This is a great asset for all staff in their various roles, as together we seek to meet the spiritual needs of clients and residents.” (Pastoral Practitioner)

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The Spiritual Care Orientation: An Integral Part of Caring and ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool: E-modules are designed for staff with direct contact with older people. 

Spiritual Care Orientation: An integral part of caring – In this e-modulestaff can learn at their own pace, engaging with the concepts of spirituality and spiritual care to build confidence in offering spiritual care in their day to day activities. This content is an abridged version of our 45-minute face-to-face orientation program.

ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool – This e-module introduces spiritual screening and assessment concepts and invites the learner to participate in real life conversations to integrate their learning. A great way to introduce the ideas in our popular ConnecTo tool, the e-module forms the first part of training in ConnecTo, which also includes a face-to-face learning component. The full face-to-face program is available as a hard copy resource for our members.


  • The e-modules are each available in full and abridged formats.
  • Each of the e-modules were trialled in nine member organisations.

The full format e-module is intended for:

  • All nursing, corporate, administrative, lifestyle, clinical, allied health, quality, leaders and managers staff and others who have direct or indirect contact with older people and their significant others.

The abridged format e-module is intended for:

  • All personal care workers, maintenance, food services and hospitality staff, and others who have direct or indirect contact with older people and their significant others.

The e-module should be offered in complement to face-to-face training components.

To access the e-modules

Option 1: Download the SCORM files (listed above) and integrate with your LMS.

Option 2: Download the web version for your intranet, available in the Member’s Zone

Option 3: Direct your staff to the online versions in the Member’s Zone

  • Please note, there is no tracking available for Option 3, and courses need to be completed in one session.
  • Staff will need your organisation’s Member’s Zone login to access these courses.
  • The course password is available in the Hints and Tips Sheet under ‘ConnecTo – Member Resources’ in our Member’s Zone.


Terms and Conditions

These e-modules are only available to current members of Meaningful Ageing Australia for internal use in your organisation.

If your membership expires, you are obligated to delete all copies of the e-modules from your systems.

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