Connect-Explore: Exploring Spirituality With Older People (ESWOP) – PDF download


By Laurence Lepherd, University of Southern Queensland and University of Queensland, and Ilsa Hampton (Formerly) Meaningful Ageing Australia

The Exploring Spirituality With Older People (ESWOP) project was developed to help older people articulate what matters for their core wellbeing, and to help aged care services know how to have these conversations. Importantly, Connect–Explore, which arose out of ESWOP, has been validated for use as an Australian spiritual assessment process that does not reduce a person’s spirituality to a number, but rather, invites a genuine engagement with each individual.

This eBook illuminates some of the key stories about spirituality that were uncovered during the research project, involving 58 older people and 25 interviewers.

‘The beauty of this book is that it is focussed on people’s lived experiences. After reading the book, one is not only better equipped to understand and offer spiritual care, one is also ministered to by the honest and enlightening voices of the people who gave their stories to this research project. Laurence Lepherd and Ilsa Hampton have done us all a favour in writing this book and allowing us to share in some important spiritual experiences. This is a lovely contribution to an important field of enquiry’

– From the foreword by Professor John Swinton, University of Aberdeen

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