Pages for Wisdom

Meaningful Ageing Australia is proud to be partnering with Pages for Wisdom, giving our members exclusive access to this delightful new free program.

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Pages for Wisdom is a new initiative that invites community and residential aged care service providers to connect with budding writers and seasoned authors from around the world. Avid readers can enjoy a wide variety or work from any genre, categories range from:

  • Short Stories 500-1000 words
  • Page Turners 3000-5000 words
  • Manuscripts
  • Poetry

In return readers can provide simple star ratings or more detailed feedback on our proposed questionnaire. Our goal is to empower people accessing aged care services and create an opportunity for their voices to be heard and valued in the wider community.

We are sure that members of Meaningful Ageing Australia will benefit from a program that offers purpose and intellectual stimulation for clients/residents at no extra cost.

Participants will have access to new pieces of writing every month to be delivered electronically. In return our writers will get exposure to a wider demographic and receive crucial feedback to develop their skills.

Psychologist Chelsea Dynan established Pages for Wisdom when she saw an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of older people. Launched in August 2020, Chelsea has received a strong positive response from service providers, older people and writers. Pages for Wisdom is now ready to expand their work through their partnership with Meaningful Ageing Australia.

If this program sounds like it would suit the older people you are working with, please contact Pages for Wisdom at for more information about getting involved.

Learn more on the Pages for Wisdom social media pages: