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“The universe is made of stories,” wrote poet Muriel Rukeyser, “not atoms.” Whilst spiritual care can occur in snippets and moments, it is also the terrain of valuing the story of another. It is in the narrative of our lives that meaning is made, found and re-made. This needs space.

In learning how to offer good spiritual care, it is very common to be asked to take some time to reflect over your life up to that point. Not your life as you would present it on a CV, all shiny and full of achievements, great and small. Your life as you have experienced it. In taking the time to do this, a kind of spiritual growth can occur, especially with a reflective process or person. Questions such as,

What are my bedrock convictions?
How has this changed over time?
What are the key turning points?
Who or what has influenced me the most?
If my life had ten chapter headings, what would they be?
Who or what has God been to me over the years (if relevant)?

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