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National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care – Introduction


The following provides access to core content contained in the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care. These pages are for ease of reference, and should be read in the context of the full document that can be downloaded from here.

The items from the contents list in light blue below are the specific areas that are available to read online.



1. Introduction

1.1 Background to development

1.2 Guidelines scope and intentions

1.3 Existing spiritual care

1.4 Language of spirituality

1.5 Implementation of the Guidelines

2. Framework

2.1 Key definitions and terms

2.2 Philosophy

2.3 Core values

2.4 Relationship between spiritual care and other concepts/philosophies

2.5 Principles

3. Applying the Guidelines to people with special needs

4. Domains of Spiritual Care
I Organisational leadership and alignment
II Relationships and connectedness
III Identifying and meeting spiritual choices, preferences and needs
IV Ethical context of spiritual care
V Enabling spiritual expression

5. Equipping organisations to offer spiritual care

6. Glossary of terms

7. Additional resources

8. References

9. Acknowledgements