The following should be read in the context of the full National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care, downloadable here.


Domain 1


I. Organisational leadership and alignment


Spiritual care is systemically embedded and practiced at all levels and in all processes throughout the organisation.


Outcomes and actions

1.1 The governing body incorporates spiritual care into the organisation’s overall strategy, including setting strategic goals to foster spiritual care.

1.2 There are corporate strategies in place to respond to the spiritual needs of older people and staff. Strategies are incorporated into operational plans and quality management systems, and these are measured.

1.3 Policies and procedures reflect a culture of recognising the spirituality of those who have contact with older people and carers/representatives.

1.4 Leadership at all levels demonstrates awareness of spirituality, particularly in relation to supporting staff through the inevitable transitions of their direct care giving role.

1.5 Spiritual training commensurate with role and responsibilities is available for all personnel who have direct and/or frequent contact with older people, regardless of whether they are employees or contracted through another organisation.

1.6 There is a system that respects the confidentiality of a person’s life history and enables the appropriate referral to specialists as required.

1.7 Information technology and communications infrastructure supports older people with the capacity to digitally connect with people, events and places. Access to technology such as: video calls, podcasts, web-casting, tablets, messaging/emails is available.

1.8 Care recipients are supported and encouraged to access outdoor areas. Those who cannot physically move outside are assisted to connect with the natural world.

1.9 For residential care homes, there is a reasonable physical space (other than in their room) for families/loved ones and spiritual carers to meet with the older person in ways that are private and uninterrupted.

1.10 For residential care homes, a dedicated inclusive, sacred space is available for meditation or contemplation as well as community or faith activities.