Membership Fees

Membership of Meaningful Ageing Australia is open to all organisations and groups that support, care for or provide accommodation/services for older people.

As a not-for-profit association, we depend on membership fees to able to provide resources and services that support quality of care and quality of life for older people. Membership fees have been carefully designed to ensure that all eligible organisations, irrespective of size, can enjoy the benefits and support of Meaningful Ageing Australia and participate in our activities.

Fees are set by our board at the first meeting of the calendar year. A full membership year runs from July to June. Applications are pro-rated based on financial quarters.

View a summary of member resources here.

Annual fees July-June (ex GST)

Based on your organisation’s previous year total revenue

Your fees are adjusted based on the time of year

Join between Oct-Dec pay 75%

Join between Jan-Mar pay 50%

Your revenueOur fee
Under $5m$800.00
$5m-under $25m$1,116.50
$25m-under $50m$2,537.50
$50m-under $75m$4,567.50
$75m-under $100m$7,612.50
$100m-under $200m$10, 150
$200m plus$15, 225