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Membership developments next FY 2024-2025

by Rachael Wass, CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia

At this time of year, we’d like to reflect on the past year’s work and share upcoming plans for our members. Membership renewal is always a challenging period for charitable organisations like MAA, but there are many compelling reasons to continue supporting the Meaningful Ageing Australia community and its work.

If you haven’t been in touch with us recently, we invite you to review the activities and events we’ve hosted, explore our new research and collaborations, and read on to learn about the upcoming resources and learning events starting in July.

We want every older person to feel at ease in their life so they know and feel belonging, connection, and a sense of wholeness. MAA began it’s work as a ‘crowd-funded’ entity and while we adapt and innovate; we greatly value your membership and your commitment to this important mission.

And finally, I would love to hear from you – my calendar is available to reconnect, discuss and be open to hearing from members and affiliates alike on your feedback and how we best help you.

In friendship & harmony,


A number of new resources and learning opportunities will add to the suite of materials available for our members and affiliates. Many are available as free for members, or otherwise heavily discounted as part of our commitment to serve our member community.

  • The report from the Roundtables on Funding Spiritual Care is now available, you can read the report on the dedicated page here
  • A new Dementia and Spiritual Care short guide is underway and due for release in Q1 2025
  • New micro-learning program to offer on demand Lunch & Learn sessions is currently being recorded to deliver over the course of 2024-2025
  • Our new consumer website integration (from the old SeeMeKnowMe site) is complete and ready to go live in Q3 of 2024. Two resources that will be housed on the new site will be ’10 Questions about Spiritual Care in Aged Care’ – a brochure for prospective residents/clients; and a Revised version of the Map of Meaning Self Reflection Guide – this has a voice-over and members can access this in editable PDF form
  • Our new LMS learning module on the role of Speech Therapy is about to launch (a wonderful collaboration with Carrington Aged Care and newly qualified team of Speech Therapists who created a visual interactive journey map).
  • Two new guides to support the transition in the Revised ACQS will launch in June for members at our Community of Practice. 1. Mapping the ACQS to the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care; and a What Spiritual Care Looks Like in Practice guide mapping the spiritual care taxonomy to the Revised ACQS & National Guidelines in Spiritual Care in Aged Care.