Meet Akira interactive learning

World leading Interactive Learning Experience for Personal Care Assistants & Home Care Workers

Meet Akira is a world leading interactive story inviting users to learn about spiritual care by engaging in familiar scenarios, by following the daily journey of Akira, a Personal Care Assistant, working with older people. As they share Akira’s story, they will learn that:

  • Spiritual care is more than religious care
  • Your work already includes acts of spiritual care, that you may not be aware of
  • Spiritual care can enrich your own sense of professional value

In accessing Akira’s story through a smart-device or desktop computer, the learner will see familiar scenarios presented which allow them to learn through the character’s experiences. By understanding their role within the story, they will also gain an understanding of spiritual care which is natural and easy. It will become easy to see that small gestures can have a big impact, and that they will be able to notice the things they do naturally as being important aspects of spiritual care. 


Thinking about implementation? Watch the following examples of the impact of implementing Meet Akira in aged care.

If your organisation is a member of Meaningful Ageing Australia, anyone in your organisation can access Meet Akira free of e via our E-modules: E-Modules – Meaningful Ageing Australia Learners receive a certificate of completion and post survey quiz to check learning.

Alternatively, for member organisations we can supply you with a custom link that you can text or email to your staff as well as additional implementation assets, such as posters and post learning evaluation.

If you are an individual learner, or an aged care provider that is not yet a member of Meaningful Ageing Australia, you can purchase annual licenses to access in bundles via our webstore:

MeetAkira: a PCW just like you – Meaningful Ageing Australia ($65 p/p annually, discounts for bulk users)


One of the reasons why Meet Akira is so well adopted and effective, is the commitment to the co-design process, research and development with strong partners, the stories are real-to-life and with direct care workers in mind. Meet Akira’s original development included a co-design process with personal carers and older people; as well as with input from our Reference Group:

  • Baptistcare WA
  • Fresh Hope
  • Hall and Prior
  • UnitingCare QLD
  • Brightwater
  • Prof. John Swinton, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr. Richard Egan, University of Otago

Thank you to Prime Super who helped support this project and a founding sponsor of Meet Akira

Prime Super is a founding sponsor of Meet Akira.

For more information about Meet Akira, contact us on 1800 618 107 or email

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