Meet Akira

Introducing the New Digital Resource for Personal Care Assistants

Meet Akira is an interactive story inviting users to learn about spiritual care by engaging in familiar scenarios, by following the daily journey of Akira, a Personal Care Assistant, working with older people. As they share Akira’s story, they will learn that:

  • Spiritual care is more than religious care
  • Your work already includes acts of spiritual care, that you may not be aware of
  • Spiritual care can enrich your own sense of professional value

In accessing Akira’s story through a smart-device or desktop computer, they will see familiar scenarios presented which allow them to learn through the character’s experiences. By understanding their role within the story, they will also gain an understanding of spiritual care which is natural and easy. It will become easy to see that small gestures can have a big impact, and that they will be able to notice the things they do naturally as being important aspects of spiritual care. All they need is internet access and the special link.

If you missed one of our Sneak Peek sessions, you can download the PowerPoint Presentation by clicking on the image below.

Meet Akira has been developed using a co-design process with personal carers and older people; as well as with input from our Reference Group:

  • Baptistcare WA
  • Fresh Hope
  • Hall and Prior
  • UnitingCare QLD
  • Brightwater
  • Prof. John Swinton, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr. Richard Egan, University of Otago

Meet Akira will be available to member organisations after its launch later in 2020.

Thinking about implementation? Whilst it looks and feels like an app, Meet Akira is technically a website that is designed for mobile first. This makes it much easier for organisations to implement. You can text the link to your staff, email them, or use our SCORM file in your LMS which then links out to the Meet Akira experience.

The full product will be available live to all members who join our annual forum event on 3 September (on line) so you can have a play with it. Then it will be initially made available to Reference Group organisations. At our AGM in November we will release the app to all our members along with further advice to support your implementation. There is no additional cost for members to access and make use of Meet Akira. After its initial launch, we hope to continue to add to the app over time based on the needs of personal carers and our members.


Access the product page here.


Meet Akira has been made possible thanks to the support of Prime Super.