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Meaningful Work in aged care

Meaningful work

If you or your teams ever feel exhausted by the pace of reform, workforce pressures and the needs of caring for older people, their despair and the emptiness of their lives, to say nothing of how and what you can do to help them, then come along to the interactive workshop I am delivering at the ACCPA conference in Adelaide during October 24-28th 2023.

I’ll be sharing a simple research-based framework that helps you understand and then plan effective and efficient approaches to supporting the people you care for, (as well as the teams that you work with), in finding and retaining what makes their lives and work meaningful.

You may be familiar with the Map of Meaning, Self Reflection guide we developed with Meaningful Ageing Australia and the MoM Leaders Guide that helps navigate

Based on over twenty-five years of rigorous academic research tested in the field, the Map of Meaning shows that there are six dimensions that together create what human beings agree makes life meaningful. This means that while meaning is still a complex part of human experience, it has a limited number of dimensions for leaders to grasp. These then form the basis for a plan of action for person-centred care.

Better still, the Map does not just apply to people in the aged care sector, it applies to and helps you support exhausted staff thus ensuring you retain the talented people you need. Professor Marjolein Lips-Wiersma (developer of the Map) and I have written a book, The Map of Meaningful Work and I will be there as well, so you can talk things over with me. I’ll be delighted to respond to your questions.