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Encouraging, informative, challenging and motivating.

Brisbane seminar participant

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Our all-access webinars and online workshops for members

Meaningful Ageing Australia offers a range of online webinars and workshops to build personal capacity, ability to engage with our practical resources, understand spiritual care and the Quality Standards and more.

Each month we run an all-access 30 minute free webinar on an aged care topic of interest to the sector and the community. 

And, for member organisations, we host a monthly Community of Practice workshop – with a guest presenter – to talk about best practices, share innovations and discuss current challenges. This is a national event and a great opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.

Our webinars and online workshops for 2023



Our all-access free webinar program highlights resources and key content for those working in aged care, both community-based and residential.

These monthly webinars run for 30 minutes and introduce you to an innovative new resource or topic. This series is designed for anybody working, or with an interest, in aged care.


Thursday 8 June at 1pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
Register here.

Thursday 13 July at 1pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
Register here.

Thursday 10 August at 1pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
Register here.

Thursday 14 September at 1pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
Register here.

Thursday 12 October at 1pm AEDT
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
Register here.

Thursday 9 November at 1pm AEDT
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)
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Everyone who registers is sent a link to the recorded content. You can catch up on all our previous webinars here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We record the introduction and main presentation of each workshop meeting and webinar.
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Our monthly Community of Practice 1-hour workshops offer member organisations a quality professional peer-to-peer development event. Each workshop combines the sharing of best practices, new approaches and innovations by a guest presenter and the opportunity for Q&A and small group discussions.


Thursday 23 March at 3pm AEDT
An update on AN-ACC, funding categories and care minutes with guest Sarah McLelland, interim CEO of the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council.
Register here.

Thursday 28 April at 3pm AEST
Meditation for Older People (You can still register!)

Thursday 25 May at 3pm AEST
Let’s talk about end of life (Register)

Thursday 22 June at 3pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)

Thursday 27 July at 3pm AEST
Topic to be announced (You can still register!)

No webinar scheduled in August.

Thursday 28 September at 3pm AEST
Topic to be announced  (You can still register!)

Thursday 26 October at 3pm AEDT
International Spiritual Care Week (You can still register!)

Thursday 23 November at 3pm AEDT
Topic to be announced  (You can still register!)


Everyone who registers is sent a link to the recorded content. Members can catch up on all our previous Community of Practice workshops here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We record the introduction and main presentation of each workshop meeting and webinar.
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Did you know that Meaningful Ageing Australia is now a registered charity? 


Donations of over $2 are tax deductible.

If you’d like to show your appreciation for our resources and events and make a donation, you can do so HERE or by getting in touch with Marnie Kay at admin@meaningfulage.org.au or on 1800 618 107.

Catch up on past webinars and workshops

This free webinar program highlights resources and key content for those working in aged care, both community-based and residential. The online series is designed for anybody working, or with an interest, in aged care. Each monthly webinar is only 30 minutes long and introduces participants to an innovative new resource or topic that will inspire them in their care provision.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We record the introduction and main presentation of each webinar. We stop recording when the main presentation is over and the rest of the session if open for people to actively participate.

Everyone who registers is sent a link to the recorded content. You can catch up on all our previous topics such as Meaning and Food, Identity, Mental Health, Meet Akira, and more here.


Read our Webinar Privacy Policy here.





Catch up on our fabulous 2021 webinars below – content ranges from 15-25 minutes.

Watch a conversation with Kate Swaffer, co-founder of Dementia International Alliance, a campaigner and advocate, and a person living with dementia.

Hear from Jenny Greenham from Spiritual Health Association as she explores the current thinking about the intersection of spirituality and mental health. This webinar was run on 13 September 2021.

Daniella Greenwood, consultant and speaker on rights-based aged care, present on the rights of older people in Australia. This free webinar was held on 15 June 2021.

Hear from leading expert Dr Cherie Hugo about the importance of food, and some processes they are using at The Lantern Project to understand what really matters to people who are living in residential aged care. This webinar was run on 16 August 2021.

Hear Dr Raelene Wilding explore the vital topic of ‘Identity’, a core concept in the Aged Care Quality Standards. This video was recorded on 16 July 2021.

Hear Chelsea Dynan talk about her inspiration for creating Pages for Wisdom. This webinar took place on 12 March 2021.Hear Chelsea Dynan talk about her inspiration for creating Pages for Wisdom. This webinar took place on 12 March 2021.

Previous Webinars

Elders’ Rights
Tuesday, 15 June at 3.00pm (AEST)
Guest presenter: Daniella Greenwood, Consultant, Speaker, Author, and Activist

Meet Akira: New Developments Revealed (The same webinar was repeated over the week)
Monday, 24 May at 12.30pm (AEST)
Wednesday, 26 May at 2.00pm (AEST)
Thursday, 27 May at 3.00pm (AEST)
Friday, 28 May at 10.00am (AEST)

Multifaith Practices Launch: find out about the new resource from Meaningful Ageing
Friday, 16 April at 1.00pm (AEST)
Launched by Mahjabeen Ahmad, Specialist Educator (Muslim) for Meaningful Ageing Australia
Watch the video here

Pages for Wisdom: older people helping writers and authors with their work
Friday, 12 March at 3.00pm (AEDT)
Guest Speaker: Chelsea Dynan, Pages for Wisdom
Watch the video here

Meet Akira Week: Your Questions Answered (This session is repeated over the following week)
Monday, 15 February at 10.00am (AEDT)
Guest member speaker: Michael Taylor, Mercy Health
Watch this recorded webinar on our YouTube channel

Tuesday, 16 February at 3.00pm (AEDT)

Wednesday, 17 February at 12.30pm (AEDT)
Guest member speaker: Matt Digges, Sawtell Catholic Care

Friday, 19 February at 8.30am (AEDT)
Guest member speaker: Benjamin Chard, Hall & Prior

Consistent assignment webinar – free
17th November 11am-12noon AEDT with Daniella Greenwood

OPAN Webinar – free

Life Meaning and Launch of The Map of Meaning and Ageing: a self-reflection guide
27 November 3-4pm AEDT

The Little Things Training Materials

Member Forum and other Member Events information is on our networking and events page.

To find out more about workshops and seminars in your area, please click below, or request a quote for a tailored session.

Integrating a Spiritual Care Approach: the new Aged Care Quality Standards
This workshop will equip participants to be able to link the new Aged Care Quality Standards with spiritual care practices outlined in the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care. We will explore domains two and five; ‘relationships and connectedness’, and ‘enabling spiritual expression’, noting what to look for in program planning. We will also engage with examples of programs and practices to assess against your current practice. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the new Quality Standards and the intersection with the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care.
  • Engage with practice examples.
  • Build confidence in designing programs and activities that connect with what matters most to people you are supporting.
  • Participate in self-assessment/quality assurance processes for personal and team practice.


This workshop assumes some prior knowledge of spirituality and spiritual care and it is recommended that participants engage in a spiritual care orientation program prior. It is ideal for anyone involved in planning and implementing programs, services and supports for daily living, including health and wellbeing, lifestyle, and pastoral and spiritual care staff.

Map of Meaning

Nourishing a Meaningful Life: Using the Map of Meaning in the Context of Ageing 

Meaning and purpose are two pillars of spirituality that can be most difficult to talk about.

This practical session is for anyone who is ageing; and for the aged care workforce.

Meaningfulness increases well-being, and health, as well as enjoyment of life within our ever-changing circumstances.  An ability to understand and be proactive through the various stages of ageing, including facing death and dying, helps each person fulfil their yearning for a meaningful life. Because the dimensions of the Map of Meaning are universal, it also provides a simple, practical way for those involved in caring for older people to examine existing practices and facilities to see whether or not these support older people to increase their sense of meaningfulness.

In this workshop, Lani Morris will present the Map of Meaning, and help you to understand and use the Map to increase meaningfulness in your own life, or those you love and /or care for.

Facilitator: Lani Morris

Lani Morris is a co-founder and CEO of the Map of Meaning International Trust. She is the world authority on the application of the Map of Meaning, a simple yet profound framework that shows us what human beings agree makes work and life meaningful.  This rigorously researched model has been used in many parts of the world over the past twenty years. It helps each person find and keep meaning at any stage of their life. A facilitator with over thirty years of experience, Lani brings compassion, wisdom, humour and practicality to her workshops on the Map.


“Lani has the ability to distil what could otherwise be a complex topic into very simple, clear and above all usable information.”  Drew Pryde, workshop participant.

“I learnt about the Map of Meaning eight years ago.  Since then, it’s in my body and it’s never left. It connects up our intrinsic knowing, our inner searching, and our inner desire for balance. So many people are lost and don’t believe they have what they need inside them. If you ever wonder what’s the point of my life? What on earth am I going to do? The Map of Meaning guides you to what to look for and what to look at so you can create your own answers.  It’s a compass for a journey you are going to make.” Penny Kennedy, course participant

Please contact Meaningful Ageing Australia if you are interested to host or participate in the Map of Meaning Workshop

Listening on Purpose

Listening on Purpose

Listening is critical in every aspect of our life and work, and is central to spiritual care. Listening well prevents conflict, builds work teams and is essential for understanding each older person. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Listen to people’s stories so that they feel heard and valued.
  • Listen using your body and heart.
  • Listen without words.
  • Listen without interruption.

Facilitators: Jen Barrkman and Kris Plowman from Red Thread Stories

Dying, Death and Hope: building confidence with the d-word
Many of us find talking about end of life particularly difficult, and communicating with others about end of life presents its own challenges. How do we, as care staff, communicate with residents and their family members as death approaches? How might we attend to the grief and loss experienced by family members and our colleagues? What processes can we put in place to enable the whole team to stay up to date with news of recently deceased residents?

This session will engage participants in discussions about end of life:

  • Develop your communication skills
  • Recognise spiritual care needs at end of life
  • Understand what people are likely to experience in loss
  • Recognise that all staff have a role in end of life care
  • Understanding communication processes within the team so all staff are aware when a resident dies and are able to support each other, the loved ones and other residents.
  • Feel more comfortable engaging in conversations around the dying process and death
Spiritual Care in a Diverse World
Spiritual care in a diverse world

picture of senior couple have meal in the garden

Part 1. Introduction to spirituality and contemporary spiritual care in aged care

Appropriate for those who have direct contact with older people, leaders and managers.

The recently published National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care state that spiritual care is everyone’s business. Spirituality is intrinsic to being human, and spiritual needs may arise at any time. While chaplains, pastoral carers and pastoral care practitioners have a distinct role in the provision of skilled spiritual care, every person in contact with older people needs to have a basic awareness of spirituality and how it affects their role.

This session will engage participants in a process of developing and deepening understandings of spirituality and spiritual care. It will support the development of confidence in providing basic spiritual care, and discerning when to refer to a skilled practitioner.

During the session, participants will engage in:

  • Understandings of spirituality and spiritual care
  • Reflection on real life stories
  • An exploration of your values and what’s important to you
  • Implications for practice in aged care
  • Practical ideas to implement in your organisation
  • Opportunity to network with others


Part 2. Acknowledging diversity (staff, residents, family, volunteers)

In providing spiritual care, we need to develop self-awareness. We can become aware of our values, beliefs, preferences, interests and ways of being. When we know ourselves, we can easily see where we share values and beliefs with others, and where our values and beliefs differ. We come to see that our values are born of our particular cultural, familial, relational, and religious experiences and are not ‘right or wrong’ but simply different. We can carry an attitude of openness to different human experiences, and celebrate those differences for the richness and complexity that they offer.

The session will explore diversity in terms of:

  • Culture
  • Religion/faith
  • Sexuality/gender
Spirituality and Spiritual Care for the Person Living with Dementia
This workshop will present a refresher on spirituality and spiritual care, then will explore the importance of spirituality for people living with dementia. In this workshop, participants will:

  • Increase their awareness and sensitivity in offering spiritual care for those living with dementia
  • Develop presence and practice listening skills, particularly in the context of non-verbal communication
  • Learn about an application of the ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool with people living with dementia, and how to use it in care planning
  • Engage in reflective practice using examples and shared stories of professional practice
Spiritual Conversations: Introduction to ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool
Spiritual conversations – Introduction to ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool

In this two-part Workshop, participants will first receive an introduction to spiritual care and then explore the application of Meaningful Ageing Australia’s unique spiritual screening tool, ConnecTo. There will be time at the end of the session to talk about integration in your organisation.

Part 1. Introduction to spirituality and spiritual care (for all staff and volunteers)

  • Spiritual Care Orientation
  • Introduction to screening and assessment

Part 2. Introduction to ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool (for frontline staff, especially those who will use it proactively)

  • Who conducts screening? Who conducts assessment?
  • Questions to consider in implementing ConnecTo
  • Introduction to ConnecTo
Supporting Older People in the Transition to Aged Care
Supporting older people in the transition to aged care

Hands of mature women watching old photos in the

The move into care, whether residential aged care or community care, can be a challenging experience for many older adults. Care may be necessitated by changes in health status, diminishing physical or mental capacity, and may be accompanied by a shift in identity, sense of purpose and loss of hope. Research shows that the transition is often linked with depression.

How can we support older people to navigate this transition? How can we skilfully facilitate life review at this time? How can we companion older people in meaning-making, assisting them to connect with what is most important to them?

This Workshop will offer a range of practical skills to enable care staff to provide spiritual care to older people experiencing transition. Participants will be introduced to ConnecTo, a new tool for spiritual screening. We’ll explore what it is and how it works, and then use it for self-reflection. When we understand ourselves, we better understand others.

Understanding Islam and Muslim Spirituality
Understanding Islam and Muslim spirituality

Gaining knowledge about Islam, not only as a religion but also as a way of life for its followers, will assist care providers to understand the care needs of Muslims and respond in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner. It is critical to know about cultural perspectives that have significant influences on Muslim health care, aged care, and spiritual care so as to offer the right support to individuals and families at a time when support is needed the most.

This session will highlight the essentials of Islam in everyday life of a Muslim and the interface between religion and culture in the context of care to help build greater confidence of providers in cross-cultural situations involving Muslims. This cultural knowledge will flow through to more inclusive services, enhanced quality of care and quality of life, and positive care experiences for Australian Muslims and their carers.

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia
Regional Workshops 2019

Regional Workshop Series 2019

Our Regional Workshops were hosted by Meaningful Ageing Australia member organisations, and open to the wider public. Thanks to our partner, Prime Super for their support. The 2019 Series ran from February to June.

Adelaide SA
Albion Park (Illawarra) NSW
Ballina NSW
Bathurst NSW
Bunbury WA
Bundaberg QLD
Coffs Harbour NSW
Dubbo NSW
MacKay QLD
Maryborough (Wide Bay) QLD
Morwell Vic
Newcastle NSW
Perth WA
Port Lincoln SA
Renmark SA (Berri)
Shepparton VIC
Wagga Wagga NSW
Read more by clicking on the relevant state/territory tab below.
Other opportunities for workshops are also listed in the tabs below.
Your organistion can request a tailored session in your location by filling in the request for quote or emailing admin@meaningfulage.org.au.
Request a Quote

Request a Quote

Your organisation can request a tailored education session or workshop for one or more of your teams. Special rates apply for member organisations. Start the discussion by calling 1800 618 107 or emailing admin@meaningfulage.org.au. 

The seminar had great speakers that stimulated new thoughts… very useful indeed!

Melbourne seminar participant

Previous Workshops and Seminars

Previous Meaningful Ageing Seminars

Meaningful Ageing Regional Seminar Series

In the first half of 2018, Meaningful Ageing Australia offered a series of seminars across regional Australia proudly supported by Prime Super.

Pictured are participants in the Katherine, NT session on Sorry Business. Thank you to our members for hosting.

We visited: Albany WA Hall & Prior; Bendigo Vic Uniting AgeWell; Busselton WA Baptistcare WA; Cairns QLD Blue Care (Uniting Care QLD);  Darwin NT Southern Cross Care SA/NT; Devonport TAS Baptcare; Gosford NSW Presbyterian Aged Care; Griffith ACT Baptistcare NSW/ACT;  Katherine NT Roper Gulf Regional Council; Lismore NSW Uniting; Mount Gambier SA Resthaven; Port Macquarie NSW Catholic Care of the Aged Port Macquarie; Rockhampton QLD Prescare QLD; Shellharbour NSW Warrigal; Tamworth NSW RFBI; Tanunda SA Tanunda Lutheran Homes;  Townsville QLD Arcare. Read more on our Facebook page.

We ran sessions on three main topics, chosen by the host.

  • Death, dying and hope
  • Transition into Care
  • Spiritual care in a diverse world

In some locations we also ran a session with people accessing aged care services and/or families.

Repeated feedback was thanks for opening up the topic of spirituality in a sensitive and empowering way; and that if only the whole team was there, or that the session was longer!

Let us know if you would like to support a session in your area.

Albury 2017

Jenika Graze, Senior Educator, Meaningful Ageing Australia: ‘Death, Dying and Hope‘ Seminar for staff and volunteers, and conversation with families.

Tasmania 2017

Ilsa Hampton, CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia: ‘I Didn’t Choose This’ – Improving the experience of older people engaging with aged care for the first time in the era of choice and control

Mildura 2017

Jenika Graze, Senior Educator, Meaningful Ageing Australia: Meaningful Conversations – What to expect at end of life

Conversation with Families: What to expect at end of life

Seminar with Care Staff: Death, Dying and Hope

Albury 2017

Jenika Graze, Senior Educator, Meaningful Ageing Australia: Spiritual Care – Everyone’s Business

Perth 2017

Ilsa Hampton, CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia: Keys to Spiritual Care – Context, Communication & Connectedness

Newcastle 2016

Ilsa Hampton, CEO, Meaningful Ageing Australia: Orientation to Spiritual Care

Melbourne 2016

Kay Horgan, Aged Care Consultant, AgeWorks – CDC: Seize the Opportunity for Holistic Care

Kerry Whitlock, Palliative Care Specialist – Quality, Uniting AgeWell – Meaningful Comfort Care

Catherine Barrett – Insulating Against Ageism

Brisbane 2016

Ilsa Hampton, Meaningful Ageing Australia CEO – Engaging, inspiring and maintaining pastoral care volunteers

Wayne Crouch, Seniors Chaplain, Churches of Christ in Queensland & Judy McCrow, Clinical Practice Lead Churches of Christ in Queensland – Give me bread not stones – developing a high quality dementia-specific church service

Rev Heather Allison Director of Mission Blue Care – Responding to existential crisis in older people – when they ask ‘why me?’

Brisbane content is available to Meaningful Ageing Australia members here.

Perth 2015

Phillip Carrier Catholic Homes Inc – Connecting through our Story

David Dyke Circle of Men WA – Connecting Disconnected Men

Stephen Hall BaptistCare WA – The Challenges of our Changing Spirituality

Melbourne 2014

Steven Sabat, Prof of Psychology, Georgetown University, USA – Forgetting ‘memory loss’

Daniella Greenwood, National Strategy and Innovation Manager, Arcare – The Relational Approach

Adelaide 2014

Warren Lewis, pastoral care client – Speaking from Experience

Peter Burke, Director Anglicare SA – Community Engagement

Mark Butler, Coordinating Chaplain, Eldercare – The Eldercare Experience


Spirituality Summit: yours, mine and ours

Diversity and spirituality

in partnership with the PICAC Alliance and MAC SA

Whole day interactive workshop with food from around the world

August 2018


Contact us for more information

Further Information

We can offer seminars to fit your program, as well as partnering with members to run sessions that are open to the general public. Contact us today to request a quote – we offer special rates for members. You can also use our on-line form here.

If you:

  • Work with older people
  • Have a passion for high quality care and quality of life for elders
  • Want to benefit from the current experience of experts and practitioners
  • Would like to connect with like-minded people in your town or city
  • Want to learn how you can provide quality spiritual care within your current role
  • Are curious about the ‘missing link’ in quality of care

then you will love what we offer!

If you have ideas for seminar topics, or would like to partner with us to organise a seminar in your town or suburb, feel free to contact us: admin@meaningfulage.org.au.