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PASCOP is set to roll out a new resource to assist those working in caring roles with assessment, screening and monitoring spiritual care.

Called Connecto, the resource has been created by Dr Julie Fletcher for use in a range of care settings. PASCOP will adapt the screening tool for aged care settings and develop a trainer/ user guide.

According to PASCOP EO Dave Petty, Connecto helps to assess someone’s spiritual health or needs, and identify what areas of their life need addressing to make their life more positive and meaningful. It can be used to assess spiritual treatment plans, map evidence based practice and statistical collection, and support professional self-care and wellness.

“While it does not measure spirituality as a whole, it does identify spiritual strengths and capacities as well as spiritual weaknesses or vulnerabilities,” Mr Petty said.

One of its distinguishing features is that Connecto makes a distinction between spiritual and religious care assessing spirituality as more than religion.

“We believe it will be helpful for our members because it provides a common language which can offer mutual understanding and shared meaning, across the multidisciplinary team,” Mr Petty said.