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Introducing the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care Implementation Tools

For member organisations, a series of implementation tools is being developed using funds from our membership fees. The first four tools are being released today along with the Guidelines and can be accessed via our Member’s Zone. Our gratitude to staff of member organisations who assisted in the development of these tools. Each tool is linked to a specific outcome and action from the Guidelines. The first set includes:

Outcome 1.1: The governing body incorporates spiritual care into the organisation’s overall strategy, including setting strategic goals to foster spiritual care

Outcome 1.4: Leadership at all levels demonstrates awareness of spirituality, particularly in relation to supporting staff through the inevitable transitions of their direct care giving role.

Outcome 2.2: Recruitment and selection processes place a high priority on attracting and selecting those who demonstrate empathy, genuine care and the capacity to connect with older people.

Outcome 3.1: Upon commencement of care services, spiritual choices, preferences and needs are identified to establish immediate and ongoing care, with the consent of the older person.


What our member organisations say about the tools:

“A very practical document – easy to understand. It would be easy to integrate this into our existing audit and quality schedule.” Anglicare SA

“Outcome 1.4 is an important tool to develop spiritual awareness of loss and grief in leadership in the care of their staff.” Catholic Homes WA

“The tool helped reveal areas where mutual communication trust and understanding could be improved between key leaders and staff members as a basis for improving the level of spiritual care.” Presbyterian Aged Care NSW/ACT

“The example interview questions that enquire in plain terms about spirituality are especially helpful.” Southern Cross Care NSW/ACT

“I found the tool helped direct my questions. The resident was able to express themselves without feeling there were right or wrong answers.” Peninsula Villages, NSW

“We have embedded the tool into our clinical assessment documents.” Southern Cross QLD

Meaningful Ageing Australia will continue to develop tools for its members to support the implementation of the Guidelines. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

To find out more, or to become a member of Meaningful Ageing Australia, please visit our website or call (03) 8387 2274, Mon-Thurs, 9am-2pm.

Click here for access to the implementation tools