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From the CEO – Feb 2024

by Rachael Wass, CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia

Welcome back one and all. I hope we find you, our wonderful community, refreshed and ready for the year to come.

When I was in my forties, my parents decided to divorce. It was, for all intents and reasons, the right thing to do for them. Even still, as a mature adult, it was heavy news.

There are many conversations, changes in circumstance and paths less travelled as we age. Engaging in meaningful conversations about the inevitabilities of ageing, death, dying and the accompanying experiences of grief and loss can be a profound yet challenging aspect of personal growth.

Cultivating the skill of being able to discuss these topics with sensitivity and openness is essential for fostering a supportive and empathetic community of care. And we have a great series of conversations to invite you to join with us on grief, loss and trauma.

As we navigate the complexities of getting older, acknowledging the fragility of life and confronting the reality of mortality becomes integral to our emotional wellbeing. When we learn to communicate about these sensitive subjects allows us to share our fears, hopes and reflections on life, creating connections that go beyond superficial discussions.

And this is exactly the theme we explore in our new online workshops and other events in these coming months.

  • Consultation and input on the draft Aged Care Act with National Aged Care Alliance (NACA)
  • Consultation and input on the draft Aged Care Act with OPAN & COTA where aligned
  • Confer with affiliate partners on the draft Act with Australian Assoc of Gerontologists (AAG)
  • Attend member consultation with National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ageing and Aged Care Council (NATSIIAAC) on the draft Act and understand the First Nations definitions of ‘high quality care’
  • Discussion with Industry Partnerships & Pathways at The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Host a weekend trade display Care & Ageing Well Expo in Melbourne for older people
  • Meetings with members: Mercy Community, Resthaven, Bethany Canada and providers, Catholic Healthcare, Benetas. Planning with Affiliate partner organisation: Anchor Excellence
  • Facilitate team planning days for 2024 learning events and projects for the year
  • Hold meetings on use of ConnecTo in aged care in New Zealand aged care
  • Guest presenter for Palliative Care SA – Hot topic ‘Listening to Love Stories: Lets chat about Grief
  • Attend NACA in Canberra, and Co-Chair First Nations Working Group session
  • Host our free 30 minute webinar with guest, Beate Steller, author of Meditation for Older People
  • Meet with partner peaks Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing and LGBTIQ+Health
  • Attend Aged Care Quality Sector Reference Group meeting and Consumer Advisory panel
  • Work on abstract submissions for International Dementia Conference
  • Represent the need for spiritual care in the Aged Care and Disability Services ICRG in NSW Tafe