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On this page you will find information and resources that we have published in response to the COVID-19 situation. The information is focused specifically on the impact of the pandemic on the implementation of emotional support and spiritual care in community and residential aged care, which is needed now more than ever, alongside the vital role of physical distancing and other clinical measures. We will keep supporting our members and others as you strengthen the inner resources of the older people you serve, and your teams; and will keep up our promotion of holistic support. We are very grateful for every single person who is continuing to work with older people in the midst of this global crisis.

Below are some free resources for the aged care sector. We have a COVID-19 Resource Package, downloadable in the Member’s Resources section. It contains new and existing resources to support aged care services in the face of COVID-19, and includes:

  • Spiritual Care in COVID-19
  • Wearing Masks with Heart
  • Visiting People in Lockdown
  • Jewish Spirituality and End of Life
  • Catholic Spirituality and End of Life
  • Islamic Spirituality and End of Life
  • Supporting Each Other when a Resident/Client Dies
  • About Grief
  • One Minute Moment When Someone Dies
  • Self Care Guide

We also recommend you make sure you have access to Dying with Loving Words.

Use the below to click through:

Wearing masks with heart – information sheet

Watch a video where our members share their good news stories about using Masks with Heart

Spiritual Care and COVID-19 Quick Guide

Statement about Spiritual Care and COVID-19 Quick Guide

See-through face masks

Dr Rosalie Hudson writes about the understanding of ‘person’ in COVID-19 times

Dr Chris Turner on spirituality in times of threat, such as a lockdown