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You are welcome to use our alternative formats to integrate ConnecTo in to your electronic systems on the following conditions:

  1. You advise us immediately of your intention to integrate ConnecTo in to an electronic system including the name of the system and which version of ConnecTo you are using (Likert, spectrum, visual map). Write to admin@meaningfulage.org.au.
  2. You make it clear in your electronic version that staff need to be trained in spiritual care at both the basic orientation level and then in using ConnecTo before using the tool, and that Meaningful Ageing can assist with both by contacting admin@meaningfulage.org.au.
  3. You make it clear in your electronic version ConnecTo enables an initial spiritual conversation and is not a full assessment tool. For example you may use terms such as “spiritual screening”, “important connections”.
  4. You agree to send us a minimum of one example each year with permission to share with our stakeholders. Examples include how ConnecTo has been used and any impact it is having. For example, photos and/or reports (with appropriate consent from your clients regarding use of their information by Meaningful Ageing in order to promote the tool).
  5. At least one copy of the full manual is held at each location (site, office) where the tool is being used.
  6. You advise Meaningful Ageing Australia of any improvements you have made in order to successfully integrate ConnecTo in these systems.

Download the T&C here.

Factsheet ConnecTo Mar 2017