Becoming a Member of Meaningful Ageing Australia

Membership of Meaningful Ageing Australia is open to all organisations and groups who provide care and support to older people. Our members include faith-based and non-faith based organisations, specialist aged care providers, health groups and community groups.




Member benefits

Members have access to a range of tools and activities developed in collaboration with leading international and Australian experts. We are constantly developing new resources to support high quality pastoral and spiritual care in your organisation.

You can preview our resources here. Download our Fact Sheets here.

Our digital application form for organisations and groups is here.

Members receive:
  • Spiritual Care Orientation Program: Facilitator’s Guide (45 minute session)
  • Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program: Leader’s Manual (9 modules)
  • E-modules to introduce spiritual care and ConnecTo spiritual screening tool; Qualities and Values; Presence and Listening Skills
  • National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care Implementation Tools and Templates
  • Dementia-Specific Christian Worship Service – How-to guide on the evidence-based program from CofC Qld
  • ConnecTo Spiritual Screening Tool: Leader’s Guide
  • Intergenerational Reminiscence: A guide for aged care organisations and secondary schools
  • Tech Connect: Staying Meaningfully Connected in Aged Care
  • Guide to Running an Effective Spiritual Care Volunteer Program
  • Posters on key themes of connectedness in spirituality
  • ‘Frailty’ and Spiritual Care: a short guide
  • The Map of Meaning and Ageing: a handbook for service providers
  • Spirituality of Dying Workshop Facilitator’s Guide
  • Leader’s Guide to Implementing a Community Based Spiritual Care Program
  • Spiritual Care Considerations series – two-pagers carefully designed for all staff, including:
    • Jewish Spirituality & End of Life
    • Catholic Spirituality & End of Life
    • Staff mutual support with grief
    • Transition into residential aged care
    • Intellectual disability
    • Muslims in home based care
    • Muslims in residential aged care
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Spirituality
    • Lesbian, gay, bisexual older people
    • Trans and gender diverse older people
    • Intersex older people
    • Jehovah’s Witness Spirituality
    • If Someone Says they Want to Die
  • Downloads to support implementation of hard copy resources
  • ConnecTo Room Map to assist team communication
  • On-line videos covering a range of topics
  • On-line, easy to use clearing house of resources to support quality whole of person care
  • Quality Awards (biannually) – celebrating your organisation’s successes in truly person-centred care
  • Exclusive Member Representative Networks for leaders
  • Exclusive Peer Support Network Meetings to assist the integration of spiritual care by front line staff
  • Expert advice about how to integrate spiritual care in your organisation


  • access to peer support networks
  • 20% discount off St Luke’s Innovative resources
  • reduced price access to our education services
  • reduced price access for your staff to local Meaningful Ageing Seminars
  • 20% discount off the high quality Meaningful Ageing Australia / HTN / Altura (formerly Aged Care Channel) Spiritual Care Series: volunteer training course
  • advocacy for improved quality of life and quality of care for all older people through the inclusion of pastoral / spiritual care
  • linkages for potential research partnerships
  • See Me. Know Me. campaign empowering seniors, linking to our members


Staff have begun to see themselves as involved in the spiritual care of residents. Residents are more able to recognise and articulate their spiritual journey.

Member survey response


Our surveys report on many positive impacts from engaging with our resources. For example, from our latest 2019 survey:

“Meaningful Ageing material is helping us as an organisation articulate the focus on spiritual care in a way that is clear, engaging and easy to understand.”

“A huge thank you for filling many gaps for us in Aged Care.”

“Keep doing the great work you do. It is so very much appreciated. I am a Spiritual Coordinator and work on my own, so your support and resources are so very important to me.”

“Thank you for the wonderful work.”

Other comments

“The quality of resources are very high and useful.”

“Our main source of support are the newsletters and online/downloadable resource – the quality of both is exceptional and meets our needs.”

Further information

Explore our resources here

Spiritual Care Orientation Program – Facilitator’s Guide

Provided exclusively and at no cost to members, this unique and popular facilitator’s guide, “Spiritual Care – an Integral Part of Caring” serves as an orientation tool for all staff in aged care facilities, including nurses, carers, volunteers, support and administrative staff. It provides participants with a deeper understanding of spirituality and helps them to better recognise and confidently support the spiritual needs of older people in their care. In 2016, the Program was enhanced by additional tools to support the implementation of the program in a way that ensures even better long-term results. This includes a ready-made set of participant handouts, a poster for use on your site and reflective questions for use in staff handover.


National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care

In an Australian first, Meaningful Ageing, together with Spiritual Health Victoria and the National Ageing Research Institute, has successfully advocated for federal funding to develop national guidelines for spiritual care in aged care. Now completed, the Guidelines provide evidence-based guidance for best practice in all aged care settings—residential, community and home-based care — and serve as a platform to develop further tools for Meaningful Ageing members, such as spiritual care manuals and a toolset to assist providers implement the new guidelines. See the National Guidelines tab on this website for more information.


National Guidelines – Implementation Tools

Created with members in mind, each tool is matched to an outcome from the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care. Providing practical advice about how to meet each Outcome, these Tools are a must for any organisation. Use them to review your current practice, or to make headway into a new area. They vary in length from four to fourteen pages, depending on the topic area.


ConnecTo Leader’s Guide

A unique resource to enable staff in a range of roles to have an initial discussion with an older person about their deeper needs through the lens of connectedness. The ConnecTo Leader’s Guide assists you to implement use of the ConnecTo spiritual screening tool in your organisation. Our members can also access the exclusive wall map to assist communication about what matters most.


Intergenerational Reminiscence: A leader’s guide for aged care organisations and secondary schools

Developed by Carrington and Meaningful Ageing Australia. To be launched in August, available to members immediately. This accessible how-to guide makes it easy for aged care organisations to create meaningful connections between students and aged care residents. Students are supported to develop a relationship with each older person, and each older person has an opportunity to take on the role of elder in the life of the students. Each Intergenerational Reminiscence Project culminates in a celebration of the life of the older person with their loved ones, and the presentation of a momento that the students have made. This award-winning program has been refined over more than five years at Carrington in Sydney. As well as a clear process, it has an appendix full of documents that can be simply adapted by the local organisation.

Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program – Leader’s Manual

Developed and trialled originally by Spiritual Health Victoria, Meaningful Ageing has updated this wonderful nine module program with linked PowerPoints. Use all or part of the 1.5 day program to lead your staff into understanding and acting upon each older person’s spiritual needs in a sensitive way. Read more in the resources portal.

Tech Connect: Staying meaningfully connected in aged care

Developed by Beate Steller and edited by Meaningful Ageing Australia, Tech Connect provides bed bound, frail and older people with mobility issues an opportunity to stay connected to their loved ones and/or significant events using technology. By integrating a reflective process with the use of technology, older people can experience a profound sense of connection with what matters most. This practical guide provides a step-by-step process for staff focussed on pastoral and spiritual care in aged care to be able to integrate the use of technology. It will be available as both our first e-book, and in hard copy. Available free to non-member and for purchase by non-members via our resources portal.


Resources Clearing House

Organised into themes, the Clearing House is an easy way to get useful links to information that supports high quality pastoral and spiritual care in your setting. There are a minimum of ten resources in each theme. The first themes to be included are: End of Life Care, Dementia Care, Quality of Life, and Elder Abuse, with more being added each month.


On-line Videos

Covering a range of topics from Indigenous spirituality to the full launch video of the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care, these formal and informal videos give your team the chance to learn and reflect from a wide range of locations.


Spiritual Care Series: Volunteer Training Course

Meaningful Ageing Australia is partnering with the Health Television Network to produce a series of programs for volunteers, family and friends of older Australians to provide key practical knowledge to support meaningful spiritual care volunteering. All programs will be available to Meaningful Ageing members at a discounted price (20% reduction). International expert John Swinton is the key consultant on the project.


Spiritual Care Considerations Series

The Spiritual Care Considerations Series is a set of short (two page) guiding thoughts and questions to keep in mind as you care for elders from a range of backgrounds. To support culturally appropriate and sensitive care, the Considerations are thought starters to potentially explore with the elder in your care, and/or their loved ones. They are designed as a helpful prompt for staff and volunteers working at any level in the organisation and are being developed in consultation with experts and experienced practitioners. Available at no extra cost to members. The series continues to grow, with twelve topics currently covered ranging from Intersex Older People to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to staff peer support with grief.


National Training and Education Guide

Finding education programs at the tertiary level in pastoral and spiritual care in ageing can be challenging. This web-based resource, available exclusively to members, contains in one central location information about a wide range of tertiary courses and links to Clinical Pastoral Education programs. This saves you and your staff time searching for information about formal courses.


Dementia-Specific Christian Worship Service Handbook

Now available at no extra cost to members and for purchase by non-members, this Handbook was originally produced by Churches of Christ Care Queensland, following their success in being awarded the inaugural Meaningful Ageing Quality Practice Award in 2015. Read more by downloading the Factsheet Dementia-Specific Christian Worship Service 2016. To order your copy of the Handbook, contact This is the first in a series of Handbooks that Meaningful Ageing Australia will develop to assist organisations and groups prepare and facilitate rituals that are meaningful to older people from a wide range of faith backgrounds.


Meaningful Ageing Seminar Series

Meaningful Ageing Australia established this seminar series to provide the latest information and experience from international and local experts and an opportunity for those interested in high quality care for elders to meet. A minimum of four seminars are planned each year in different states and territories with Meaningful Ageing Australia members provided access at substantially discounted prices. Seminar content is then published in our Member’s Zone on line when possible.



A key Meaningful Ageing Australia function is to raise awareness about the value and importance of pastoral and spiritual care for older people and to advocate on behalf of our members for this care to be recognised as integral to quality of care and quality of life.

We do this through publishing news items and feature articles, speaking at conferences and partnering with leading Australian research and other spiritual care organisations to conduct research projects of value to our members, to advocate for funders and policy makers to include spiritual care in their models through submissions and networks. We meet with government and key agencies and make submissions, resources permitting.


Expert advice and networking

Meaningful Ageing Australia members have exclusive access to advice from experts on developing cultures that support pastoral and spiritual care, as well as unique opportunities to network and exchange ideas through connection with our members.


More information

For more detailed information on membership, or to ask further questions, contact the national office at or phone the Chief Executive Officer Ilsa Hampton on 0425 758 277.

For details relating to membership fees, please click here to be redirected to our Membership Fees information page.

To apply for membership for your organisation, contact for information.

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