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From our CEO: The Details Matter

Last week I heard the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, Janet Anderson, describe spiritual care. She talked about older people having an experience of aged care services that is finely tuned in to who they are. She talked about not reducing people to tick-boxes, but rather, that there is deep engagement. Janet described the value in every moment, regardless of which staff member or what their official title is. We need compassionate and skilled care, she said, with a culture set by the manager. It is about a person’s lived identity. The Commissioner didn’t use the “S” word, but there it was. Everything that we are working towards. The details matter.

In the face of COVID-19, attending to these details becomes even harder. This applies to you personally as much as it does to the people you are supporting. Think about just one detail you can attend to in your own life that helps to sustain you. Once you have that in mind, make a small plan to attend to that detail. Perhaps a sticky note or calendar entry. Now consider those in your care. Are you, or your teams, able to name one detail that you know matters for every single person? If not, how can you turn this around? Just one detail for every single person, along with a conversation. “I’m sorry we can’t do as much as we would usually due to COVID-19. I want to understand what’s most important to you right now. Is there something I can assist you with today or this week?” Asking the question, and paying attention in the conversation, is a great start.

Below you will find ideas and networks to inform, inspire and sustain you in the important work of finding the details that matter. We are here with you, in solidarity.

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