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AGM 2021

All members and friends of Meaningful Ageing Australia are warmly invited to our AGM. Due to being held on Zoom and the requirement to hold a secret ballot for the appointment of directors, the meeting will be run in two stages. Voting Member Representatives will attend from 12noon to 12.45pm AEDT. Other guests will join from 12.15pm AEDT.

To be held:    Friday 19 November, 2021

Venue:            Zoom: register here

Time:              Member representatives: 12.00-12.45pm AEDT

Other guests: 12.15pm-12.45pm AEDT

Each member organisation has a Primary Member Representative, who votes on behalf of their organisation.

Primary Member Representatives are requested to register your attendance using this link by 18 November 2021.

You can also write to confirm a change of Member Representative for the AGM or register your organisation’s apology by writing to admin@meaningfulage.org.au.

Member Representatives will be sent information about the board nominees after the nomination period has ended.

View the board nominees here.


12noon AEDT The meeting is opened for voting members, and directors

  1. Welcome and acknowledgement of country
  2. Apologies and acceptance of proxies
  3. Confirmation of minutes
  • 2020 AGM
  • Special General Meeting 22 April 2021
  • Special General Meeting 25 May 2021
  1. Chairperson’s report
  2. Receipt, consideration and adoption of audited financial statements and auditor’s report
  3. Acceptance of annual report
  4. Election of board members
  5. Other business
  6. Close of formal business

12.15pm AEDT The meeting is opened to other guests

  1. Welcome to new attendees
  2. Announcement and presentation to inaugural honorary Elders of Meaningful Ageing Australia
  3. Acknowledgement of outgoing directors
  4. Welcome new board members (new directors introduce themselves)
  5. Update on Meaningful Ageing Australia’s plans for 2021/22
  6. Close


Meeting Pack

Download the meeting pack here

The meeting pack includes:

  1. Notice of meeting
  2. Agenda
  3. Appointment of proxies – information
  4. Appointment of proxy – form
  5. Notice of call for board nominations
  6. Minutes of 2020 AGM
  7. Minutes of Special General Meeting 22 April 2021
  8. Minutes of Special General Meeting 21 May 2021
  9. Minutes of Special General Meeting 25 May 2021


Nominations for the board

Download the board nomination form here

Download the FAQ for board nominations here

Nominations are to be received by admin@meaningfulage.org.au by 5pm AEDT Thursday 11 November 2021.