Membership Fees

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Membership of Meaningful Ageing Australia is open to all organisations and groups that support, care for or provide accommodation/services for older people.

As a not-for-profit association, we depend on membership fees to able to provide resources and services that support quality of care and quality of life for elders. Membership fees have been carefully designed to ensure that all eligible organisations, irrespective of size, can enjoy the benefits and support of Meaningful Ageing Australia and participate in our activities.

If you require further clarification of the annual fee structure please contact the Chief Executive Officer at


Annual Fee Structure (all prices without GST)

Category $ ex-GST
base fee 500
per residential care facility 400
per home care package  5
For a single service provider $ ex-GST
Community Care Services (e.g. day care, day therapy) 500 (flat fee)

Maximum Fees

Organisation Type Maximum fee cap
Organisations with residential facilities only or a combination of residential and community packages $8000
Organisations with community packages only $5000
 If your organisation type is not covered here, get in touch with us for further information,

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